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Recruiting and Consulting Services

Our services:

  • Informing the reference community of your position opening, using email notifications and a job board posting
  • Recruiting candidates
  • Candidate screening
  • New-hire-success consulting

and more.

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Why use Customer Reference Forum?

Access to our opt-in database of 800+ reference professionals
We believe this is easily the largest active database for this specialty niche. Our community of 800+ reference professionals along with more than 200 other customer engagement professionals come from some 300+ firms throughout the US and globally.

Help with screening for the most qualified candidates
We have deep knowledge of the profession, based on Bill Lee’s experience in the field and our extensive involvement with its members. We understand your requirements for your reference program and can help you screen for candidates that meet your needs.

Help with making sure your new hire gets off to a great start
We can provide consulting, support, access to our library of reference management resources, and access to other leading reference managers in the profession, to help your new hire through anything from "What do I do now?" to “What are the current best approaches to the issue I’m trying to solve?"